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Justin Timberlake; Is he just this new fling girls all over the world fall for, and the next day they wake up and don't remebure his name? Is Justin Timberlake a one night stand??? Or is he plasterd to your wall coverd in red lip stick?  ~Tell me Take the poll E-mail me at blunightmare22@yahoo.com* fling or nothing?

Show Stopper or Show stopped*

Brittney Spears; Do you think shes gone over the cliff never to return, or would you give her one last chance? Brit Brit may have hit a few rode bumps but she has also sold out concerst filled with millions. The Tabloides only want you to belive the stuff the write, it's only like 12% true. Take the poll at bluenightmare22@yahoo.com  Show stopper or Show stopped?

~Other poles                      Nicole Ritchie good mom or bad mom?

                                           Kevin Federline good dad or bad dad?

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