Bodies falling from the sky*

California - Investigators picked through the gnarled wreckage Monday of two small planes that collided near an airport, killing five people — including one on the ground — and raining debris and bodies down on car dealership parking lots.  The two small Cessnas crashed at 3:35 p.m. Sunday about a mile from the small Corona Municipal Airport, authorities said.  Two people were killed from each plane, and a fifth was killed inside a Chevy dealership hit by wreckage, said Wayne Pollack of the National Transportation Safety Board.  "There were bodies falling out of the sky," eyewitness Hector Hernandez told KCBS-TV. "One of them crashed into the top of a Ford Mustang, and another one fell not too far behind that one on the parking lot."  "Until we open that aircraft up we cannot be certain how many people were on board," Pollack said. The smashed fuselage of one of the planes landed atop a parked car. A wing from one of the planes sat in a parking lot. The debris was contained mostly within a 300-yard radius, said Pollack, although some pieces were found as far as 1,000 yards away.

Before Sunday, there had been five fatal plane crashes in Corona in the past decade, killing 10 people,